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Journey To Italy

Journey To Italy

Viaggio in Italia

Among the most influential films of the postwar era, Journey to Italy charts the declining marriage of a couple from England (Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders) on a trip in the countryside near Naples. Hailed as a groundbreaking modernist work by the legendary film journal “Cahiers du cinéma,” Rossellini’s masterpiece is a heartrending work of emotion and spirituality.

One of the most quietly revolutionary works in the history of cinema […] turns romantic melodrama into intellectual adventure.
The New Yorker
It has come to be regarded as a masterpiece, one of the key works of modern cinema.
Eye For Film
1954 | 97 min | Drama, Romance | Italy, France | Italian with English subtitles, English
Roberto Rossellini
Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders, Maria Mauban
Bambi Awards 1954, Best Actress - International
Cahiers du Cinéma 1955, Top 10 Film Award
Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 2013, Special Award Best Rediscoveries